Bringing a Voice to the People of the Nuba Mountains

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

Two years after the Islamist Government of Sudan (GoS) headed by Omar al-­Bashir seized power in 1989, they targeted the Nuba people for elimination.. They are determined to create a religiously uniform, centrally controlled, economically exploitative, sham-­constitutional police state. They have pursued their eliminatory goal by a combination of direct ground attacks by regular troops and militias; deportation of non­Arab inhabitants of the mountains to “peace [concentration] camps” near the capital, Khartoum; and partly random bombing of civilian areas.

The latter is a central element in a strategy referred to by observers as “genocide by attrition.” If you are being bombed on any given day, you cannot plant, tend, or harvest your crops. You hide in caves and ravines. You scatter away from your villages. You leave Nuba to become a refugee in camps in South Sudan, like the camp (Yida) indicated on the main page. You and your culture are radically diminished. A tile in the wondrously variegated human mosaic of peoples is faded, smashed, disappearing.

To government officials and UN operatives, the Nuba genocide is no secret. The intensification of the attacks since 2011 is well known, measurable by the swelling number of refugees. Yet no UN organization, no organization of a state, and no non-­governmental organization gives any form of material aid to the Nuba people. The GoS forbids entry to the area, threatening to bomb, shell, or shoot at anyone who enters.

But the EndNubaGenocide group and its umbrella sponsor, Operation Broken Silence, have been able to carry in such aid, working with the humanitarian wing of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-­North. It has reached the caves and ravines of the Kao-­Nyaro region of southeastern Nuba Mts. to deliver grain, specialized “Plumpynut” packets designed for severely malnourished children, and medical supplies to an isolated population of 22,000. It has also made videotape recordings such as that on the main campaign page. It now wants to continue to bring food aid across the border, to give wage payments and school supplies to Nuba teachers it has contacted in the refugee camps, and to distribute its videos and information packets to places it will do the most good, such as Washington.

Affiliated with EndNubaGenocide since its foundation in 2011 and also with Operation Broken Silence, I have taken stopping genocides as the principal focus of my non-­?academic activity. The EndNubaGenocideNow campaign is now at the top of my list. I hope you will find that it deserves your support, too.

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